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SWAV Circle:

SWAV Circle is a Circle of Founders who care about Long Term sustainable Success and the Direct To Consumer business model. SWAV Circle was created to provide the proper knowledge and insight for all product based businesses, through physical workbooks, who want to increase their Online sales without worrying about having to do Wholesale and getting into retail which eats into their margins.

SWAV Circle is for those who want to build a true brand and build a brand that is positioned to exit for 8 or 9 figures in the future. SWAV Circle is for the entrepreneur who wants to control their destiny, have a higher valuation, keep more equity, own their data and make more money.

SWAV Circle is for those who Value long term strategy. SWAV Circle is for those who want to build a Solid Long Term Sustainable business that is positioned for future massive growth.

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The Founder

Isiah Fowler

Isiah Fowler is an Air Force Vet who has been involved in Online Marketing since 2015, but since then, has gone off to launch and grow his own Direct To Consumer E commerce Brand, SWAV Eyewear.

He then began consulting with e-commerce brands on their Direct To consumer strategy and in 2021 worked with over 70 e-commerce brands, and having his DTC strategies help brands increase profits, operational efficiencies, and revenue which has resulted in over $10M in online DTC Sales.

Everything he's learned from helping brands go from 6 to 7 figures, and how to position a brand for 8 figures goes into the workbooks he creates so that more people can revolutionize their business.

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