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This is the most powerful Workbook & the only workbook you'll need to build your Product Based business from a Direct To Consumer Perspective and point of view. Not only is this a workbook, but it is also a playbook and it gives you plays to run that you can immediately implement in your business.

This workbook contains first hand knowledge that has also been tested and proven in real life. Nothing in this workbook is made from theory, but only execution.

If you are serious to increasing your Brand Equity, positioning, perceived value, and leverage then this workbook is a must to get for you to see long term and sustainable effects and results in your business.

Customer Reviews

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Easy purchase

It’s simple. If you want to grow and scale your dtc e-commerce brand, this playbook is for you. It’s literally the game plan to building a long-lasting brand. 10/10

Ismail Lewis
Renewed Focus

I hold on to this playbook like the coach on ‘The Waterboy’ lol This book has given my Brand a renewed energy. Starting off as an artist, the business mind was something that I thought I didn’t need. BUT, with this playbook, it gives me a newfound perspective on how to balance creativity & business. This playbook has me reaching into parts of my brain that I haven’t experienced in order to be intentional with my business. It’s given me confidence and motivation to take on what needs to be done in order to get to the next level in business. I’m no longer freelancing but moving with strategy and this playbook has been the catalyst. Get yours today!

Jerra Mitchell
It's Everything!

This workbook is very well-written, easy to comprehend, & the aesthetics are everything! Isiah literally gives you the plays on how to position your business for success. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you don't invest in this workbook.

The Answer

If you have a product based business, you cannot afford not to at least listen to this perspective. This playbook is no fluff, it is a guide that have you on the right track. So much value is packed into this one book. It’s amazing how valuable this is when comparing to all the fake gurus out here that charge you thousands for surface info. This gets down and deep, & makes wise the simple. Highly recommend!

Patricia Buxton
A complete 180!

Meeting Isiah changed the entire trajectory of our business! We were all over the place before! We had no direction and we were trying too many things at once. Isiah's strategies not only helped 4x our yearly revenue but we know what to focus on, how to test consumer strategies, how to grow our customer base, how to develop relationships with our customers, how to get new customers into our sales funnel and how to nurture our current customers to keep them coming back. We cannot say rave enough about this book and the strategies that it teaches. If you focus, stick to the game plan, these strategies will take your business to places you never even dreamed of!

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